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Easter Bunnies MagnaTie™ (Set of 2)

Wood and 48” ribbon. Blue: 1 5/8” W X 2 3/4” H Green: 2 3/8” W X 2 1/4” H
$2.00 $10.48

Wick Trimmer

Stainless steel with dark nickel finish.
$3.50 $13.48

Applewood Autumn Chevron Lumie™

Applewood Autumn Chevron Lumie™
$15.00 $22.97

Botanical Houndstooth Lumie™

Fresh. Sunlit. Warm.
$15.00 $22.97

Enchanted Forest Chevron Lumie™

Peaceful green leaves. Soothing eucalyptus. Restoring pine.
$15.00 $22.97

Red Hot Cinnamon Ooh La La Lumie™

Zippy. Vivacious. Fiery. Notes of Cinnamon, Spice Complex & Mahogany Woods.
$15.00 $22.97

Mini Citrus & Plumeria Heritage® Scented Candle

Spontaneous pamplemousse. Sparkling mandarin orange. Wishful coconut blossoms.
$5.00 $9.97

Mini Pink Punch Heritage® Scented Candle

Effervescent. Playful. Feminine.
$5.00 $9.97

Mini Summer Sangria Sparkler Heritage® Scented Candle

Intoxicating berries. Refreshing mint. Zesty lime.
$5.00 $9.97

Mini Sunshine Heritage® Scented Candle

Glistening. Golden. Warm.
$5.00 $9.97

Small Berry-Kiwi Kiss Heritage® Scented Candle

Sweet. Refreshing. Tart.
$10.00 $13.97

Citron Lime Pomelo Homeology® Candle

Refreshing. Citrusy. Lively.
$5.00 $19.97

Amber Vanilla VoLight™ Scented Candles

Sultry sandalwood. Creamy amber. Warm vanilla.
$5.00 $12.97

Appleberry Cheer VoLight™ Scented Candles

Fruity. Mulled. Joyful.
$5.00 $12.97

Banana Nut Bread VoLight™ Scented Candles

Baked banana. Crunchy walnuts. Delightful cinnamon.
$5.00 $12.97

Caramel Pumpkin Kiss VoLight™ Scented Candles

Creamed butter. Enchanting peach. Sweet maple.
$5.00 $12.97

Coastal Reef VoLight™ Scented Candles

Rejuvenating. Serene. Wondrous.
$5.00 $12.97

Coconut Blossoms VoLight™ Scented Candles

Floral. Tropical. Luscious.
$5.00 $12.97

Cozy Christmas® VoLight™ Scented Candles

Nostalgic nutmeg. Spiced clove. Ripe orange.
$5.00 $12.97

French Vanilla VoLight™ Scented Candles

Smooth vanilla bean. Rich cream. French vanilla.
$5.00 $12.97

Gardenia Petals VoLight™ Scented Candles

Loving. Exquisite. Lush.
$5.00 $12.97

Holiday Wreath VoLights™ - White

Fresh Siberian pine. Earthy balsam fir. Bright berries.
$5.00 $12.97

Horchata VoLight™ Scented Candles

Velvety vanilla bourbon. Pink ginger. Cinnamon stick accord.
$5.00 $12.97

Mountain Honey VoLight™ Scented Candles

Natural. Sweet. Peaceful.
$5.00 $12.97

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